Doctoral Students' Laboratory

DocHéritages brings together the doctoral students in the 3 Héritages research areas (Culture/s, Patrimony/-ies, Creation/s).

This doctoral students’ laboratory enables them to discuss their work in a friendly and interdisciplinary setting and create new synergies that enrich their respective research. It is also intended to promote the dissemination of doctoral students’ research outside of the laboratory. 

To do this, they have a research blog on the Hypotheses platform, which is a space for exchange, publication and promotion of their laboratory's activities.

In this blog, doctoral students and young researchers will publish information about scientific and cultural events in their laboratory, present their work through interviews and share useful resources, in a process of professionalizing support. They will also publish articles, reviews, and the results of their scientific meetings.

Consult the DocHéritages blog

Planned activities
  • Information day for new doctoral students
  • Half-yearly study days / informal seminars or in-house practical session-based seminars
  • Training sessions or workshops
    • Discussions on the state of research
    • Discussions on defended theses
    • Simulation of presentations
    • Simulation of thesis defences
    • Simulation of papers
    • Workshops on methodology and tools for theses or based around cultural events
  • Organization of exhibitions, film screenings, plays, performances, readings, etc.
  • Programme of cultural outings (museums, concerts, etc.)
Statutes of DocHéritages

Elected representatives of the Doctoral Students’ Laboratory

Photo Camila Melo
Photo Camila Melo

Camila Melo

Camila Melo is a Hispanicist doctoral student. She is an École Normale Supérieure graduate holding the agrégation competitive examination for teachers in Spanish, with a degree in History of Arts from the University of Nanterre Paris X .Her research topics concern the history of Latin American arts and in particular the representation of violence in contemporary artistic productions, the body and memory in contemporary art.
Her doctoral research is part of Héritages area 2:  “Experiences, practices, actors in the cultural and literary fields”.

Photo Anabelle Machou
Photo Anabelle Machou

Anabelle Machou

Anabelle Machou is a contractual doctoral student at CY Cergy Paris Université in literature and heritage sciences.  Her research focuses on the representation of the traditional châteaux of the Île-de-France region in French literature and cinema of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her thesis is supported by the Fondation des Sciences du Patrimoine (Foundation of Heritage Sciences) and the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles (CRCV, Château de Versailles research centre).
Her doctoral research is part of Héritages area 2: “Experiences, practices, actors in the cultural and literary fields”. 
Anabelle Machou is also an elected member of the Héritages laboratory council.

Elected member of the Laboratory Council, involved in DocHeritages activities

Photo Jean-Philippe Saby
Photo Jean-Philippe Saby

Jean-Philippe Saby

Jean-Philippe Saby is a doctoral student in Hispanic studies. He is working on the influence of the Latin American boom on contemporary writing.  He is also interested in Latin American and African colonial and postcolonial literature, as well as in the topic of the quest for identity.
His doctoral research is part of Héritages area 2: “Experiences, practices, actors in the cultural and literary fields”.