Organization and governance

Contact details

UMR Héritages 9022 - CY Cergy Paris Université
33 boulevard du Port
95011 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex

Email : direction-heritages[at]

Executive board 

Administrative and financial manager
Michel Hoang
Email: michel.hoang[at]

Administrative and financial assistant

Sophie Le Bihan
Email: sophie.le-bihan[at]

Research manager

Solène Hazouard
Email: solene.hazouard[at]

Heads of research areas
Area 1: Collective inventiveness and creativity of knowledge

Véronique Dassié
Email: veronique.dassie[at]

Area 2: Experiences, practices, actors in the cultural and literary fields

Chantal Lapeyre
Email: chantal.lapeyre[at]

Area 3: Knowledge and modes of transmission

Valérie Toureille
Email: valerie.toureille[at]

Policy officers

Communication officer
Vivien Barrière
Email: vivien.barriere[at]

Reception and parity officer

Hélène Bernier-Farella
Email: helene.bernier[at]

International officer

AMarie Petitjean
Email : anne-marie.petitjean[at]

Laboratory council

Julie Amiot-Guillouet (co-director, PR CY)
Vivien Barrière (communication officer, MCF CY)
Hélène Bernier (reception and parity officer, MCF CY)
Véronique Dassié (head of research area 1, CR CNRS)
Anne-Julie Etter (MCF CY)
Pierre-Louis Fort (MCF HDR CY)
Solène Hazouard (research manager)
Michel Hoang (administrative and financial manager)
Christian Hottin (associate researcher)
Chantal Lapeyre (head of research area 2, PR CY)
Christine Laurière (director, CR CNRS)
Jean-Claude Lescure (PR CY)
Anabelle Machou (doctoral student)
Véronique Moulinié (DR HDR CNRS)
AMarie Petitjean (MCF CY) 
Jean-François Puff (PR CY)
Jean-Philippe Saby (doctoral student)
Sylvie Sagnes (CR CNRS)
Valérie Toureille (head of research area 3, PR CY)
Claudie Voisenat (IR Ministry of Culture)

Representatives of the Laboratory and of the Doctoral Students