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Intangible Cultural Heritage, sustainability and change

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Conference “Intangible Cultural Heritage, sustainability and change” by Chiara Bortolotto (CY Advanced Studies, associate researcher at Héritages), School of sociology, Beijing Normal University, 7 November 2022 at 12 noon, by videoconference


“Intangible Cultural Heritage, sustainability and change”

7 November 2022 at 12 noon
Seminar at the school of sociology, Beijing Normal University

UNESCO Chair on
Intangible Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development

CY Cergy Paris Université
CY Advanced Studies - CY Initiative of Excellence
UMR Héritages : Culture/s, Patrimoine/s, Création/s

By videoconference

This conference is part of the project "Theoretical and practical innovations in recent French and Chinese sociology (intangible cultural heritage, pragmatic approaches)", led by the School of Sociology of Beijing Normal University, in which the "Intangible cultural heritage and sustainable development" chair is participating.

See the Chair's presentation page

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The project will promote, over the year 2022-2023, high-level academic exchanges in the fields of pragmatic sociology, the study of social change and intangible cultural heritage.

The collaboration will take the form of conferences, roundtables and joint publications.