du 4 novembre 2021 au 6 novembre 2021
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The Heritage, Creativity and Innovation Nexus

Affiche The Heritage Creativity and Innovation Nexus
Affiche The Heritage Creativity and Innovation Nexus

Participation de Chiara Bortolotto au colloque "The Heritage, Creativity and Innovation Nexus" le 4 novembre 2021 à 14h à Lausanne, en Suisse

Colloque "The Heritage, Creativity and Innovation Nexus"
Les 4, 5 et 6 novembre 2021 
College of Humanities
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Coorganisateurs : Florence Graezer Bideau et Peter Bille Larsen, IAGS
Research Group Heritage, Culture and City

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Chiara Bortolotto, chercheure associée à Héritages et titulaire de la Chaire Unesco "Patrimoine culturel immatériel et développement durable", interviendra le jeudi 4 novembre à 14h, avec une contribution intitulée : 

Mastering the future through Intangible Cultural Heritage: sustainability, change and temporality disruptions 

Conceptualized as « living heritage » and catheterized by intrinsic links with economy, environment and society, Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) explicitly introduces in the realm of heritage policies new issues and concerns, which go far beyond those conventionally associated with conservation. This shift puzzles established heritage theory and practice while articulating them with sustainable development. Drawing on ethnographic observation of the debates of the governing bodies of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the ICH on the one hand and on participant observation of the preparation of a nomination to the UNESCO Representative List on the other, this paper sheds light on the disruption of heritage representations when heritage work is about making plans for the future rather than coming to terms with the past. In tackling the regime of temporality underpinning ICH, this paper highlights a shift from the paradigm of “conservation” aiming at the perennisation of authenticity to that of “safeguarding” entailing the integration of change and thereby of creativity and innovation.

Contacts : florence.graezerbideau[at]epfl.ch et peter.larsen[at]epfl.ch